The Process

During the Free Consultation we’ll determine the size and complexity of your sale.

If it’s a fairly small or simple sale we, or you can organize the items and we’ll catalog and photograph the items and prepare for the online sale.

If your sale is large or complex we can recommend a Professional Organizer, and we’ll catalog and photograph the items and prepare for the online sale.

We work with a few Professional Organizers in different parts of the GTA.

It may be that you just want to get rid of stuff and we can do that too, just about anything that can legally be sold, can be sold.

In an Auction there are no guarantee’s on price which is why you want consistent quality Cataloguing and Photography.

Browse a few of the local Online Downsizing Estate Auctions and you will see vast differences in the quality of Cataloguing and Photography. Also browse some of the completed Auctions to see what things are actually selling for, some of those items that sold for $1 or didn’t even get a bid might have sold, for more if they had been properly Lotted. Cataloged, and the Photos weren’t blurry or sideways or too dark or too bright.

Sometimes the quality can be widely different in the same Auction. Are you looking for a “Blouse Rave Radio”? Anybody searching for Bose is not going to find that item. Autocorrect can be elvis at times but we endeavour to make sure that someone selling a Bose Wave Radio does not lose their shirt.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel so we use the Maxsold platform for the online auction, at least until eBay gets into the Market. They are good at clearing out but since the increase in the Min. Wage the best way for them to control costs is to limit the amount of time their employees spend on an Auction.

We control Costs by working smarter.

Some of your items may do better on Consignment than Auction.

Donating to Charity for a Tax Receipt may be a better option for some items.

We believe that thorough and thoughtful Lotting, Cataloging and Great Photography is the best way to get you fair value for your items.

You only get eBay prices on eBay. People all over the world are their market and the Sellers don’t usually have a Closing or Moving deadline. If you’re willing to wait, pack, and ship an item but it’s just not practical in a Downsizing Estate Sale situation. That being said, we’ve seen items sell for more than fair market value at Auction. It doesn’t happen very often but it only takes 2 people who want an item to drive up the price. We know, we have the T-Shirt 🙂